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Breastfeeding Hoodies by Mamatu

Breastfeeding in public can make moms feel uncomfortable, and it often attracts curious glances from strangers. It strips this special moment of the intimacy that exists between a mother and her child. That’s why you may have wondered how to feed your baby discreetly in any situation, while maintaining maximum comfort for both of you. The answer to this question lies in Mamatu breastfeeding hoodies. Designed for moms who need more from their clothing. For moms like you!

Breastfeeding hoodies

essential for every mom's wardrobe We know how important breastfeeding is for your child's development. With breast milk, you provide your baby with all the valuable nutrients they need. But breastfeeding is also about creating a bond between you and your child. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to breastfeed your baby. The cleverly hidden zippers and flaps in every Mamatu breastfeeding hoodie is our proposal for you. Just unzip the hoodie and you can breastfeed your baby. Since you don't have to lift the hoodie from the bottom, you won't expose yourself. This allows you to maintain discretion in any situation. Even when your little one gets hungry on a walk in the park or while shopping at the mall.

Breastfeeding hoodies are not just for breastfeeding - check out why designs from Mamat are longlastin

discover why Mamatu's designs are timeless When creating our hoodies, we focused on the needs of breastfeeding moms. However, their universal nature means that all women who appreciate modern design and exceptional comfort will feel good in them. The solutions prepared with breastfeeding in mind are discreetly hidden or even a decoration of the hoodie, as in the model with a turquoise zipper. The color of the zipper is beautifully emphasized by the gray knit from which the whole hoodie is made.

Our designers create hoodies for moms based on timeless trends.

We feature wonderful grays, sunny yellows, juicy greens, as well as shades of blue and red. We also offer interesting combinations of these colors, which give our clothes a modern character. If you like to play with fashion, you can also choose hoodies made of patterned knit, such as CAMO, Lato or flamingos.

Look fashionable with Mamatu

The fashionable colors and cut of Mamatu's breastfeeding hoodies allow them to be worn in many ways. You can wear them with your favorite jeans and comfortable sneakers for a walk with your child. Longer hoodies will look great with leggings. And if you like bold combinations, choose a plain hoodie, such as light gray, pair it with skinny jeans and high-heeled shoes. Dressed like this, you can go on a date with your friends or with your loved one for a romantic outing.

Why choose breastfeeding hoodies from Mamatu?

Mamatu breastfeeding hoodies offer:

comfort - the hoodie's design is created to provide comfort in any situation, making moms breastfeeding, pregnant women, and moms of older children feel good;

clever breastfeeding solutions - the hidden zippers and flaps make it easy to breastfeed your baby discreetly, preserving your privacy in any setting;

timeless design - the hoodie's universal character and timeless trends make them comfortable for all women who appreciate modern design and exceptional comfort.