Breastfeeding t-shirts

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Mamatu breastfeeding T-shirts

Breastfeeding t-shirts from Mamatu are the answer to the needs of women who want to look beautiful in every situation and have control over every aspect of their lives. The clever solutions used in the construction of the garments make everyday life for breastfeeding moms much easier. They are so well hidden that at first glance no one will recognize that you are wearing nursing clothes. In addition, the fashionable cut and beautiful colors will make you look stylish!

Breastfeeding t-shirts - classic or modern?

We know how important your individual look is for you. That's why in our offer you will find nursing t-shirts maintained in a variety of styles. If you opt for timeless classics such as nautical style, choose a t-shirt with black and white stripes. It will go perfectly with dark linen pants and jeans. Do you prefer a whiff of contemporary trends? Opt for a fashionable print on the front of the T-shirt and your favorite color, such as dark powder pink. Among our proposals you will also find solid nursing t-shirts.

The loose cut of the shirts will keep you comfortable while breastfeeding, on a walk with your baby or meeting with friends.

Discover clever solutions for breastfeeding moms in t-shirts from Mamatu

Breastfeeding t-shirts from our offer consist of two layers of fabric on the front. This solution allows easy access to the breast. At any time, without having to completely undress, you can attach the baby to the breast and feed him. This design also ensures discretion and comfort no matter where your little one gets hungry. This is especially important if you want to feed your baby in public places, such as on a walk in the park, or during a longer shopping trip in the mall.

Importantly, the t-shirts are designed in such a way that no one but you will know that you are wearing nursing clothes. Therefore, you will be able to wear them without restraint also after you finish breastfeeding.

Mamatu nursing shirts - Polish quality

At Mamatu, we emphasize the quality of our materials. The t-shirts are sewn in Polish sewing plants from knitted fabrics produced in our country. Therefore, by betting on our brand, you get a product that is well sewn and has an interesting design. You are also supporting a Polish brand.

The materials used in the production of nursing clothes are pleasant to the touch and have safety certificates. They are also resistant to mossing and abrasion. Thanks to which they will accompany you for a long time. Also, our prints are made with the utmost care.

Check out what you will be delighted with in the nursing shirts from Mamat

functionality - the shirts are designed to make breastfeeding easier. Their cut is so universal that you can also choose them when you have finished breastfeeding or are just expecting a baby;

style - the breastfeeding clothes we design fit into the guidelines of urban chic. We have proposals for mothers who like classic, subdued colors, as well as for those who are not afraid to play with fashion and prefer bolder combinations. Check which of our proposals will appeal to you the most;

quality - the nursing shirts in our offer are made of cotton knit fabrics. A small addition of elastane makes them fit perfectly on the figure. Clothes are airy and nice to the touch, which ensures comfort of wearing, even on very hot days. They are also resistant to fuzzing or abrasion.