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Maternity wear - fashionable and comfortable clothes for future moms

Maternity wear from the Mamatu brand is more than just regular clothes. It's a timeless style that never goes out of fashion. It's also comfort in every situation. Among the many options, you will find models that are perfect as workwear, for family celebrations, as well as for meeting friends or walking in the park. Find out why to choose Mamatu maternity wear.

Maternity wear Mamatu - for every time of day and night

At Mamatu, we know that pregnant women need special treatment. That's why we've created a collection of clothes that fully meet their needs. Among our proposals, you will find comfortable sweatshirts made of soft knitwear, blouse-dresses, as well as nightshirts. All models are constructed in such a way as to accommodate a pregnant belly. At the same time, their cut is so versatile that these clothes will be useful not only during pregnancy. The knitwear fits well on the figure and adapts to your changing body. After childbirth, when the belly shrinks, you will still look just as impressive in Mamatu clothes. All thanks to the appropriately selected materials that do not stretch or wear out during use. The knitwear is also resistant to pilling.

All clothes are made of certified materials that are safe for your skin and your baby's skin. We also make sure that all prints on our clothes are made using safe, hypoallergenic inks. The fabric used to make maternity wear provides pleasant warmth and is breathable at the same time. This allows the skin to breathe, and you won't overheat.

Maternity clothes from Mamatu - discover clothes for special tasks

When creating individual collections for mothers, we focus on universal and comprehensive solutions. Therefore, our maternity proposals are much more than just clothes for nine months of carrying a child under your heart. Each of the listed wardrobe elements has cleverly hidden solutions that facilitate breastfeeding. They are discreetly incorporated into the garment. This means that no one will suspect that you are wearing maternity or breastfeeding clothes. Therefore, Mamatu clothes are also perfect after childbirth and after finishing breastfeeding.

Zippers are sewn into the blouses and blouse-dresses at chest height or at the neckline. Depending on the model, they are almost invisible or, on the contrary, an interesting decorative detail. In nightshirts, flaps made of material are used, which need to be opened to attach the baby to the breast.

Choose timeless style that never goes out of fashion

Our designers prepare collections of clothes that are based on timeless minimalism. Simple yet striking cuts combined with the most fashionable colors create clothes that will look great in every season. In our designs we focus on universal colors - subtle grays, classic blacks, as well as blues, yellows and pinks reign supreme in an extremely feminine way. We also offer a range of clothes in mustard color, which has been a real hit for several seasons now. Details in the form of decorative accents are also important to us. Contrasting zippers with the fabric is one of our proposals.

Moms who love clothes decorated with minimalist patterns will also find something for themselves in our offer. Get to know our classics such as Cranes, Flamingos or Summer. We also encourage you to check out new designs such as Jungle or Feathers.