About us


My name is Ania, and for over 10 years, I've been creating the MAMATU brand for you. From the very beginning, my family has supported me in this idea, and the birth of my older daughter gave me the inspiration for the brand.

We are a small family business that has been passionately creating clothing for breastfeeding moms and their children for years. The birth of my child was an inspiration for me, a new beginning, another big step in adult life.

We place great emphasis on the quality of materials and the comfort of using our clothing. I would like each of you to feel enveloped in our clothes and feel total comfort, bliss, and a sense of absolute intimacy while breastfeeding.

The clothes that we create are in a loose, sporty style. Personally, I call our style "everyday comfort fashion." We like comfortable, well-made, skin-safe clothing that follows current eco trends, and that's what we deliver to you. Since the beginning of the brand, we have tried to stay true to these principles. We don't compromise on quality; we don't do anything just to get by. We want our customers to feel comfortable, safe, and to have a sense of absolute intimacy in clothes with the MAMATU label.

We sew all our products in Poland, in a tailoring workshop in Wroclaw, where the work of the ladies who co-create with us , is appreciated and respected. The most important thing for us is interesting designs, comfort, and excellent quality of both materials and stitching – we pay special attention to this.

The quality of materials is not only about wearing comfort but also a nod to ecology. We are proud that our blouse is passed on to a sister or friend. We are proud that its quality allows for the comfortable breastfeeding of not just one mom or one child. We create clothing for years.

We are delighted that you are with us. There is no greater reward for the work and heart we put into what we do.


This is my family, and the MAMATU brand is as "big" as my older daughter standing on the right. The idea of ​​creating a clothing brand for moms was born with my little Lena. The whole family supports me strongly, and my younger daughter, Oliwia, asks if she can take over the company from me ;)

Our first hoodie was created in 2012, and this model is still with us today. You can see this model in many companies today, but it’s prototype was created in our apartment, and I am the originator of this cut and solution. I didn't expect that my spontaneous idea would allow me to create a strong, stable brand and help in the comfortable breastfeeding for so many of you.

Thank you.


Pictured is the first model of our hoodieand the first photo shoot :)