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Children's Clothes

Children's clothes from Mamatu are collections full of charm and tailored to the high demands of our little clients. Children's collections are a combination of comfortable clothing with extraordinary color schemes and design, all with attention to detail. Check out what you'll get by choosing the Mamatu brand.

Children's clothes from Mamatu - style and comfort for the youngest

The children's clothing you'll find in our offer is timeless and minimalist, providing freedom of movement, essential during happy and uninhibited playtime. Thanks to this, children can focus on exploring the world around them without having to constantly adjust their clothing.

Our collections are based not only on simple designs, but also on interesting color combinations. If your little one prefers subdued colors, choose clothes in shades of gray, subdued pink, or blue. For brave little models, we have collections in juicy green and yellow colors. And that's just the beginning of our proposals - all of which you can find in the categories below.

Our designed clothing also includes classic Mamatu designs. These are motifs that perfectly fit children's clothing, such as stars, badgers, flamingos, sailor stripes, triangles, or feathers. Get to know our new designs: Swimmer, Balloon Dog, Fish, and Woodpeckers.

Mamatu children's collections - dress your child from head to toe

With Mamatu, you'll find everything you need to create a complete outfit for your child in one place. We offer you, among others:

short-sleeved shirts;

In addition, we have prepared a range of fashionable accessories that will complement your child's outfit. These include, among others: winter hats, spring hats, scarves and neck warmers, socks with fun patterns, drawstring backpacks, and rain boots. We are constantly expanding our range to best suit your child's needs.

Thanks to such a diverse range of products, you can dress your child with us not only from head to toe but also for any weather.

Fashionable family with Mamatu - discover the details

We focus on a timeless style for our clothes. That's why the designs that children love so much can also be found on clothes for moms. This way, you can create interesting outfits for the whole family that complement each other. For children, you can choose sweatshirts with the same motif, and for yourself, a nursing sweatshirt or dress. Prefer more subtle references to children's style in your wardrobe? Check out the offer on socks - you'll find proposals for the whole family.

Check out what distinguishes our products

The clothes we prepare with our youngest customers in mind are made of Polish materials. We outsource their sewing to Polish sewing factories. This gives a full guarantee of the quality and safety of the clothing we offer. It also allows for full control of the production process so that a perfectly sewn product reaches your hands every time.

Knitwear is made from high-quality cotton with the addition of elastic fibers. This makes even warm hoodies breathable, pleasant to the touch and at the same time fit well on the body. This composition of the material also makes it safe for allergy sufferers. Also, the prints we make on the clothes are completely safe for the delicate skin of the child. To create them we use ecological paints, which allow us to achieve interesting visual effects.