Maternity hoodies and sweatshirts

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Maternity Sweatshirts and Hoodies– Discover Comfortable and Stylish Clothing Options for Moms

Above all, do you value comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and at the same time makes you look stunning? We have the perfect solution for you – maternity hoodies from Mamatu. They will allow you to maintain everyday comfort while emphasizing your individual style during this unique time.

Classic grays and blacks or modern, minimalist designs? When preparing Mamatu's clothing collections, we focus on minimalist styling, which perfectly fits contemporary fashion trends. We also use universal motifs, so you can be sure that the clothes you choose will always be "in style".

If you prefer muted color schemes, go for our gray sweatshirts, with subtle color accents on zippers sewn at the neckline. You will also find a colorful accent in the hood's inner lining. See how beautifully a combination of heather gray knitwear with turquoise, fuchsia, or green looks. You can also opt for black sweatshirts with white zippers or only a colorful hood lining.

If you prefer bolder designs and color combinations, we recommend the khaki model with red zippers and a hood lined with Camo pattern knitwear. In this category, you will also find sweatshirts with our bestselling prints, such as Orcas, Flamingos, or Swimmers. Their background consists of the trendiest colors of the last seasons - dusty pink, navy blue, or khaki.

Comfort during pregnancy and breastfeeding – discover clever solutions applied in maternity sweatshirts from Mamatu

Mamatu's maternity sweatshirts are designed to accommodate a growing belly without any problem. At the same time, their cut allows you to wear them successfully even after giving birth or ending the lactation period. Sweatshirts do not stretch or lose their shape, even after long-term use and multiple washes.

And since we're talking about breastfeeding, did you know that our women's clothing features clever solutions that allow you to quickly attach the baby to the breast? They are designed to be almost invisible at first glance or, on the contrary, to be an interesting decorative accent of the sweatshirt. What is their secret? These are zip fasteners sewn at the neckline or at chest height. This solution allows you to attach the baby to the breast quickly and easily when it's hungry. It also ensures comfort and discretion while feeding the baby in public places or on a walk.

Discover the secret of our collections – find out what sets them apart

Mamatu's clothing is a Polish product that combines high-quality materials with timeless design. The patterns we design are a reference to the minimalist trend in fashion. The fabrics and knits we use have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificates, and the prints are made with safe inks. This ensures that nothing will irritate your skin or your child's skin. It is also worth mentioning that the knits are breathable and allow the skin to breathe freely.