Breastfeeding blouse Saint Tropez RED

102 $

A loose-fitting sports hoodie.

Made of lightweight jersey fabric, produced in the EU.

A two-way, invisible zipper facilitating access to both breasts.

Timeless stripes, finished with delicate ribbing.

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Product description

The sweatshirt for breastfeeding in beautiful red and white stripes is a great choice for every mom.

Timeless stripes: red and white stripes give the hoodie an energetic and attractive look.

The hoodie provides comfort both during breastfeeding and for everyday wear. It is made of soft and stretchy material that adjusts to the changing shape of the body.

Easy and discreet breastfeeding, thanks to the hidden, two-way zipper, you always have access to both breasts.

It is perfect for everyday walks, meetings with friends or shopping, as well as for more formal occasions when you want to look fresh and feel comfortable.

Let this hoodie not only become a practical item of clothing but also an expression of your style and individuality. Breastfeeding with the Saint Tropez Hoodie will become easier.