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Sweatshirts and hoodies for kids

Sweatshirts for kids are our proposal for your little ones for cooler days. The composition of cotton with the addition of elastic fibers makes the child feel comfortable warmth while not overheating. They are perfect for autumn walks when you like to dress your child in layers. Our sweatshirts also offer interesting designs that will appeal to every child.

Mamatu sweatshirts for kids - with or without a hood?

Mamatu children's sweatshirts are all about comfort for your child. The loose and comfortable cut allows for freedom of movement even during the most crazy playtime in the park or on the school field. Because the clothes we offer are made of cotton knitwear (with a small addition of elastic fibers), they provide excellent air circulation. What does this mean for your child? While wearing a sweatshirt, it will be pleasantly warm, but it will not overheat. This, in turn, will reduce the risk of catching a cold.

We especially recommend zippered sweatshirts with hoods for autumn walks, which will protect the head on windier days. Such a sweatshirt will be particularly useful during transitional weather. When mornings are cool while the middle of the day is very warm and sunny, and you dress your child in layers.

We know that not all kids like to wear hoods. That's why among our proposals, you will also find bomber-style sweatshirts with a short stand-up collar made of ribbing that matches the color of the knitwear from which the sweatshirt is made.

In addition, we have also prepared interesting designs of sweatshirts that are put on over the head. Which one will your child like the most?

Discover all our collections

What distinguishes Mamatu children's clothing is primarily their comfortable cut and original designs. We have grouped all models into unique collections in terms of patterns printed on clothes. Our prints most often feature cute animals that all children love. You will find forest friends such as bears and badgers. As well as exotic guests such as flamingos or fish.

Among the patterns we offer, you will also find botanical motifs such as Jungle, Pineapples, or Monstera.

On the other hand, young athletes will surely like the clothes from the Sport and Skiers collection.

Each design is available in several color versions. Our dominant colors are muted pinks, various shades of blue, juicy greens, and sunny yellows. You will also find clothes with additions in red, white, or gray.

Match stylish accessories

to Mamatu children's sweatshirts In Mamatu, you will also find other clothing products for children. This way you can create a unique outfit for your little one. Among our proposals are, among others, trendy tracksuit pants, solid-colored or with patterns from our collections. In addition, you can match stylish accessories with the trendiest motifs to individual clothes - scarves and neck warmers, hats, and backpacks. Sit in front of the computer together with your child and create a set that best reflects your little one's character. Let your child decide for themselves. Their choice will surely surprise you positively and make them more willing to wear the clothes.

Discover all the benefits of Mamatu's children's sweatshirts:

  • Made in Poland - sewn with materials from Polish suppliers, in factories located within the country.
  • Comfortable cut - provides freedom of movement.
  • Trendy designs and colors - featuring the latest minimalist style.
  • Available in several variations - with a hood, stand-up collar, zip-up or pullover.
  • Possibility to match with other clothes from our collections.