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Breastfeeding clothes

Nursing clothes
What makes breastfeeding clothing from Mamatu different? First of all, that when you look at our blouses, blouses or dresses, you do not see typical breastfeeding clothes, but stylish clothing for a fashionable, confident and knowing what she wants. A woman who likes the combination of urban chic with the comfort provided by loose fit and stretchy knits. A woman like you!

Breastfeeding clothes from Mamat - comfort for mother and baby

The nursing clothing you will find in our offer provides freedom and comfort while feeding your baby in practically any circumstances. All you need to do is find a comfortable place to sit while walking with your baby or shopping at the mall and take advantage of the clever solutions we have hidden in our clothes. Depending on the model and type of garment, these are:

zippers at the neckline;
zippers sewn into the front of the blouse;
the front of the blouse consisting of two layers of fabric.
However, in the bras introduced in the Mamat store's offer, two solutions are used: tabs made of two layers of material, which can be pushed back or unfastened with an Easy-Off clip, depending on the model.

Importantly, the solutions we have proposed, applied to blouses, blouses, shirts and dresses, are integrated into the garment in such a way that only you know you are wearing a nursing garment. Zippers and darts are even a decorative element and a distinguishing mark of our designs (see, for example, colorful zippers in gray nursing blouses).

Feeding clothes - get to know our flagship products

What style do you like - sporty, urban, or maybe simple elegance? In our offer you will find everything that a modern woman expects from fashion. Especially for you we have prepared:

breastfeeding blouses;
breastfeeding blouses;
breastfeeding shirts;
breastfeeding dresses;
nightgowns for breastfeeding.

We have also supplemented our offer with comfortable breastfeeding bras. Their manufacturer is the well-known and respected Momtobe brand. It offers solutions for breastfeeding mothers as clever as ours. At the same time, it makes sure that every woman feels beautiful and comfortable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The proposed lingerie is beautifully finished and perfectly emphasizes the beauty of a woman's body, which fully blossoms at this special time.

Be fashionable always and everywhere together with Mamatu!

Mamatu brand breastfeeding clothes are produced from Polish fabrics and knitwear, in which the main component is cotton. A small addition of elastic fibers makes the clothes fit more nicely on the figure. We outsource the sewing of the clothes to sewing shops in our country. We go to great lengths to ensure that all products are perfectly sewn and the prints impress with their quality.

We also care about the style of clothes offered to our customers. We focus on simple, timeless cuts and muted colors. Among our proposals will also find something for lovers of unusual solutions, funny graphics and more vivid colors. What's more, the most popular motifs you'll find on Mamatu nursing clothes, such as Flamingos, Feathers or Summer, we've also put on children's clothes. This makes it easy to create the recently so popular mother and daughter or mother and son sets. Going out for a walk dressed similarly, you will surely make a big furore in the park, on your way to the kindergarten or at the playroom.

Also check out what we have prepared for you and your child in other categories from our offer. You will find, among other things, chimneys and scarves for children, children's sweatshirts, backpacks-bags and many other products that will win your child's heart.