Breastfeeding blouse Yellow

102 $

A loose-fitting sports hoodie.

Made of lightweight jersey fabric, produced in the EU.

A two-way, invisible zipper facilitating access to both breasts.

Timeless stripes, finished with delicate ribbing.

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Product description

Pastel breastfeeding blouse is the perfect combination of functionality and modern style. Equipped with an invisible two-way zipper, it allows you to discreetly feed your baby whenever needed. This provides comfort and a sense of intimacy, which is extremely important for every mother.

The blouse is extremely comfortable, and the material from which it is made is soft and pleasant to the touch, which emphasizes its high quality. The lowered shoulder line gives it a loose, fashionable look, perfectly in line with the latest trends.

This is an excellent choice for moms who are looking for stylish and practical solutions in nursing products. With this sweatshirt you can feel casual and fashionable, while ensuring your baby's comfort during feeding.

Color: pastel yellow

Available sizes: S/M

Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane.