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Mamatu Nursing Dresses

Mamatu offers nursing dresses for women who are conscious of what they want - to look stylish in any situation, even when out for a walk with their baby or breastfeeding. The clever solutions hidden in the construction of these dresses allow for discreet breastfeeding even in public places, such as shopping centers or city parks. Moreover, the comfortable cut ensures both comfort and a sophisticated look, whether at work or meeting with friends. Discover why our nursing dresses are winning the hearts of Polish mothers.

Discover practical solutions in Mamatu nursing dresses

Our nursing dresses are equipped with practical zippers that make breastfeeding easier. They are constructed in such a way that they look like stylish clothing decorations at first glance, and nothing suggests that they are typical breastfeeding dresses. This way, you will feel feminine and eager to wear them not only for walks with your baby but also for work, going out with friends, and even meeting your beloved.

What is the secret to these conveniences for mothers? The zippers are sewn at chest level. If your child signals that it's time to breastfeed, all you need to do is quickly unzip the hidden flap to uncover your breast. This solution ensures discretion and comfort during breastfeeding, and it also helps avoid curious glances from passers-by. Your comfort and peace of mind will translate into your child's sense of security, allowing both of you to enjoy these unique, intimate moments you have only with each other.

Dress stylishly with Mamatu

The Mamatu collection of nursing dresses is a combination of modern comfortable cuts and timeless colors - black, gray, and red. Our proposals perfectly fit in with the urban chic concept, combining comfort and simple elegance. However, if you like to play with conventions and look for unconventional solutions, choose Mamatu dresses decorated with patterns such as flamingos. You can also find this pattern on dresses for girls. Choosing such a motif, you can create the perfect mother-daughter set.

Not sure which model to choose? We're here to help! A gray, black, or red dress with a long ruffle trim is perfect for work. On the other hand, a dress with a wide elastic band at the bottom is a suggestion for mothers who like a comfortable and loose outfit for walks with their baby. Check out our timeless loose-cut models with a low waistline, which also work well as maternity dresses. You will also fall in love with their beautiful colors - melange gray and juicy raspberry.

Mamatu Nursing Dresses - Choose Quality!

When creating nursing dresses, we focus on quality. That's why we choose Polish knitwear, which is soft and pleasant to the touch. Every detail is perfected to perfection, so you receive a product that fits perfectly and looks great on your body. The knitwear used in Mamatu clothing is resistant to pilling and abrasion, and its main component is cotton. The addition of elastane allows it to fit your body perfectly.

Get to know the full range of Mamatu nursing dresses today!

  • comfortable cut;
  • fashionable colors;
  • timeless design;
  • clever solutions to facilitate breastfeeding;
  • a variety of models - ideal for a walk with the baby, a meeting with friends or for work.