Sets for mother and child

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Sets of clothes for moms and kids

Mom and child are a great team that can do anything together. You can goof around, laugh and cry, and support each other. You can also inspire each other with your style and dress similarly. Our sets of clothes for moms and kids will make it much easier for you. Whether you have a daughter or a son, or perhaps a whole gang of super children, in our offer, you will surely find something that will emphasize your style and provide comfort during daily walks.

Clothes for moms and kids - create your unique style

In our designs, we focus on universal solutions. Therefore, the motifs used by us work perfectly both on women's and children's clothes. Comfortable and fashionable clothing models for moms have their counterparts among the designs created for children. Among them, you will find, among others:

short-sleeve shirts;

We don't forget about dads either. They will also find something among our proposals that will allow them to create a consistent family styling. We particularly recommend our socks with colorful patterns that will brighten up even the most gloomy and sad days. Especially if you dress the whole family in the same models.

On the clothes we offer for moms and kids, you will find our most popular motifs that capture the hearts of our small and large customers. These include, among others: sailor stripes, navy stars, flamingos, or badgers. You can also opt for plain clothes in the trendiest colors, e.g. shades of gray. Check out also the offer of clothes with funny prints (e.g. Hello Summer).

Sets of clothes for moms and kids from Mamatu - stylish quality

Clothes for moms and kids from Mamatu are not only style in line with the latest fashion trends. When designing our clothes, we also focus on quality. We cooperate with Polish tailoring workshops and use fabrics produced in Poland. This means that each piece of clothing is perfectly sewn, and the fabrics and knits delight with softness, pleasant texture, and are safe even for delicate children's skin. All materials have certificates confirming their safety. If you decide on clothes with prints, you can also be sure of their safety. To create decorative prints on our clothes, we use ecological, allergen-free inks.

The fabrics and knits we use are predominantly made of cotton (over 90%). The addition of elastic fibers (elastane) makes them fit well on the silhouette. Such a blend of fibers also makes the clothes airy, so you won't overheat wearing them. This is especially important for clothing made of materials with higher weight, e.g. sweatshirts.

Dress the whole family fashionably - bet on Mamatu style!

Mamatu clothes, from which you will create great sets for mother and child are:

stylish - the original designs of each collection, combined with fashionable colors, give them a unique character;
comfortable - the loose cut ensures freedom of movement in any situation;
cleverly designed - clothes for moms have hidden solutions that make breastfeeding easier (see Breastfeeding Clothing category for more information);
safe - made of high quality cotton fabrics and knits;
sewn in Poland - we use Polish materials and services of sewing rooms located in our country. This gives us full control over the production process of the clothes we put into your hands.