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Children's Beanie

A beanie is an essential item in every child's wardrobe. It protects the child from the cold and wind. However, as you probably know, children are not very keen on wearing beanie. At Mamatu, we change that! If your child keeps taking off their hat, saying it's uncomfortable or ugly, show them our suggestions. We assure you that your little one will choose one of them and will gladly wear it every day!

Mamatu Children's beanie - Comfortable and Warm

Our children's beanie are designed with your child's comfort in mind. Their cut allows for easy putting on and taking off, while not pressing down on the head. All beanie are made of soft-to-the-touch knitwear, so that nothing "itches" or irritates the child while wearing them. Thanks to this, your child will not take off the hat during happy antics on a walk.

Mamatu beanie are made of knits, predominantly containing cotton. This makes them warm and allows the skin to breathe, reducing the risk of overheating. The addition of elastic fibers in the knit ensures that the beanie fits well on the head.

Among our proposals, you will find thinner, single-layer hats that are perfect for spring and autumn. For colder, winter days, we recommend double beanie made of ribbed knitwear.

Fun and Colorful Children's beanie from Mamatu

Mamatu children's beanie are not just comfort and warmth provided during a walk. It is also an opportunity to have fun with fashion and style. On our beanie, you will find all the designs that children love. Among them are friendly badgers, lively orcas, and elegant flamingos. Prints are made on knitwear in shades of colors such as pink, green, blue, and yellow.

Our offer also includes plain headwear, in colors such as gray, red, or navy. Hats made of ribbed knitwear are also available in a plain version. Check out the colors we propose for the upcoming seasons.

Beanie, scarf, neck warmer - a mandatory set for every walk

Together with Mamatu, you can prepare an interesting and complete outfit for your child for a walk. We recommend children's neck warmers to go with the beanies, which are made of the same knits as the children's headwear we offer. They will protect your child's neck even when their jacket or blouse is unzipped during playtime. Neck warmers are made of ribbed or smooth knitwear with prints.

In our store, you will also find comfortable and stylish wellington boots, which will work especially well during autumn walks. They will allow your child to jump safely over puddles or walk on slightly wet leaves without the fear of getting their feet wet. This way, your child will be able to enjoy the biggest attractions of walks at this time of year without any worries.

Get to know Mamatu products better By choosing beanies and other Mamatu products, you get:

comfort - we design our clothes and accessories so that they provide comfort of wear, freedom of movement and fit well on the body;
timeless style - in our designs we combine modern minimalism with classic, timeless motifs. Mamat style never goes out of fashion;
quality - the knitted fabrics we use to make caps and garments are resistant to mending, stretching and minor abrasions;
Polish products - in creating our products we cooperate with Polish knitwear manufacturers and sewing factories located in our country.