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Breastfeeding bras

At Mamatu, we break stereotypes! Nursing bras can be not only practical but also feminine – highlighting all the beauty of your natural figure. That's why we offer unique nursing bras that combine functionality with high aesthetics. They are made of soft-touch materials that adapt to your changing body. The lace finish gives them a very feminine look. Discover all their advantages!

Nursing bras – a must-have for every new mom

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are a huge challenge for your breasts. During this time, their size changes, even several times. That's why it's essential to choose the right lingerie. Nursing bras from our store are designed to support your breasts. Full cups and wide straps allow for back relief. The lack of traditional underwires makes the bra adjust perfectly to your breasts without causing any pressure. You also won't feel any discomfort that often comes with wearing traditional underwire bras. Among our proposals, you will also find models that are completely free of this type of stiffening.

The nursing bras you will find in our store have a range of conveniences for breastfeeding mothers. Fildan's Easy-Off clips allow you to quickly unfasten the top layer of material and attach your baby to your breast. This solution is so clever that you can do it with one hand while holding your hungry little one with the other. Another interesting proposal is bras with a special flap that allows for discreet exposure of the breast without having to unfasten the front of the cup.

Choose nursing bras that emphasize the natural beauty of femininity

Full feminine curves, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, require the right support. That's why nursing bras, which we've included in our offer, on the one hand, provide intimacy and comfort during everyday use. On the other hand, they help rebuild a sense of femininity and sex appeal, which often takes a back seat during the first few months after the baby's arrival.

Among our many proposals, you will find cotton nursing bras that are perfect for the first days after delivery, as well as very sexy, feminine models made of delicate, non-chafing fabrics. Each of our proposed nursing bras will emphasize your femininity and work perfectly during breastfeeding.

You can choose a nursing bra made entirely of delicate lace or one where it will only be a decorative detail. Another interesting proposal is models with full cups made of cotton knit, which, in their shape and finish, resemble sports bras (elastic band supporting the breasts from below). Nursing bras are also available in many color variations. Check them all out!

We are confident that the unique design and comfort provided by our nursing bras will enchant you so much that you won't part with them, even after you finish breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding bras in Mamat's offer are:

  • products from the renowned Momtobe brand;
  • clever solutions for breastfeeding moms;
  • feminine design;
  • support for the changing breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • high quality materials used in the production of individual models;
  • safety - all models are made of materials safe for you and your baby. They do not cause irritation and are pleasant to the touch. The hooks for fastening bras do not contain nickel.