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Children's trousers

Children's trousers from Mamatu will be perfect for almost any occasion. Your child will feel comfortable in them both at school, during a visit to grandma's house, and on the playground. They are made of high-quality fabrics that are resistant to pilling and minor abrasions. In addition, our designers ensure that every element of our collection fits the latest fashion trends. All this is to provide children not only with freedom of movement during unrestricted play but also to allow them to create their own style.

We create children's pants to fully meet the needs of little explorers looking for new adventures at every step. The loose fit provides freedom of movement during playtime on the playground or school field. This cut allows the child to focus on what they love the most, which is play, without anything getting in the way. Importantly, our pants are made of material that does not pill, is resistant to minor abrasions, and does not push out in the knee area. Therefore, they will be perfect for happy playtime on the carpet at home or in kindergarten, when the child often crawls on all fours and pants are usually subject to major challenges.

We understand that every little person has their individual style. This is evident when they start picking out their own clothes in the morning. However, we also know that all children love bright colors and fun patterns. That's exactly what our designs are like. The pants you will find in each collection are adorned with our classic patterns, such as badgers, bears, cranes, woodpeckers, or teddy bears. You can also find several new motifs: sports, swimmers, jungle, or balloon dogs. The patterns are printed on knitwear in trendy colors such as coral, blue, pink, black, or green. There are also plain pants from the basic collection available.

Our designer clothes are characterized by a modern, minimalist cut and design. This means that the motifs that children love so much will also steal your heart. See for yourself - check out our offer for breastfeeding moms (sweatshirts, t-shirts, and dresses). Thanks to the fact that they feature the same patterns as children's clothing, you can create wonderful "mom and child" sets.

In our offer, you will find everything you need to create a stylish outfit for your child. In addition to pants, we also offer: sweatshirts, long and short-sleeved t-shirts, shorts, and hats. All products can be found in the children's clothing category. By choosing Mamatu, you get:

Non-trivial design - we adjust our designs to the latest fashion trends. We also rely on timeless, universal design and color schemes.

Comfort - children's clothing is tailored to their needs, providing freedom of movement and resistance to pilling, stretching, and minor abrasions. Breastfeeding women's clothing, on the other hand, features cleverly concealed solutions that facilitate quick and discreet breastfeeding. We have described them in detail for each model in the mentioned category.

100% Polish product - Mamatu clothes are made from Polish knitwear. We commission their sewing to sewing workshops located in our country.