Blouses for breastfeeding – cotton and smart. Fall in love with blouses for nursing mothers in sizes S, M, L and XL!

Blouses for breastfeeding – cotton and smart. Fall in love with blouses for nursing mothers in sizes S, M, L and XL!

Table of contents:
Revolution of breastfeeding blouses
Breastfeeding Clothes - special invention
Breastfeeding blouse - what distinguishes it from other clothes?
Comfortable cotton blouses
Good Mood - Good Food breastfeeding blouse
Smart breastfeeding blouses for special occasions
Impressive and affordable blouses in all sizes

Breastfeeding blouses, or clothing that has revolutionized the life of moms

What exactly are breastfeeding blouses? How are they different from regular clothes? Can they be worn by women that have already completed the breastfeeding process? These are questions that most women ask while planning to enlarge their family. The topic of clothing designed specifically for nursing mums includes an extremely wide range, in which you can find various product proposals, tailored specifically to the requirements of breastfeeding women. Such clothing runs far beyond the known and well-liked breastfeeding bra with specially designed cups. The assortment also includes extremely comfortable sweatshirts with special zippers and stylish dresses for various occasions, thanks to which you will say goodbye to the need of undressing yourself during every meal of your toddler. There were also ultramodern T-shirts ideal for summer walks in the park, an afternoon at a café and visits in any other public places, where until now you did not feel fully comfortable, breastfeeding your little one.

Breastfeeding Clothes - an invention that made life easier for thousands of mothers

Pregnancy is a breakthrough moment in every woman's life. Changes are made not only in their daily habits, ways of thinking or diet. The content of the young mom's wardrobe is also changing. Stylish creations that emphasize individual fashion preferences go aside, defeated by loose things from soft, breathable fabrics. There is no shortage of loose sweatpants, baggy dresses or sweatshirts. Few of the maternity clothes look better than a big tent. And it is hardly surprising, in the end, it is designed not to squeeze both us and the baby developing in our body. When it comes to the time after childbirth, wide clothing is no longer necessary, although it is often worn, mainly due to the power of habit. But regardless of the post-natal physical condition of a young mother, every woman eventually wants to, once again, feel fashionable and stylish. Going back to wearing pre-pregnancy clothes many moms welcome with great enthusiasm. However, a new issue appears- breastfeeding. When our newborn asks for food every hour, pulling your favorite t-shirt through the head is getting tiring. Fortunately for the comfort and satisfaction of moms, this issue has also been resolved. All you need to do is get a special Mamatu clothes for breastfeeding! We offer a wide collection of different types of clothing that will help you feed easily and comfortably.

Karmienie piersią jest znacznie łatwiejsze z bluzkami do karmienia!

Breastfeeding sweatshirts - comfort and style

In the assortment of our online store, you will find comfortable sweatshirts that are ideal for a wide range of weather conditions. They will be perfect for an evening covering in the summer and spring or as a base of autumn-winter stylizations. Mamatu breastfeeding sweatshirts are equipped with a special set of instant zippers, thanks to which it is possible to conveniently and unusually discreetly latch a child to the breast. You do not have to pull your whole sweatshirt off - just one move and the little one has unlimited access to food! You can latch it both on the right and left breasts because the zippers have been specially designed for even feeding of the child using the food from both breasts. Mamatu sweatshirts come in three basic styles:

  • fashionable sports version with a hood and two wide, colorful zippers, simply perfect as a base for an everyday outfit, comfortable stylization for shopping or home sweatshirt for special tasks. The sweatshirt is available in various colors - classic black, with a coral shade or various shades of gray;
  • a long sweat-dress, the lower part of which reaches almost the knee. It's a cut that will be perfect for both pregnant and breastfeeding women - loose, pleasant to the touch cotton fabric, two comfortable pockets and easy zippers practical for breastfeeding, in an intensely raspberry shade. The garment is perfect for thicker tights or soft leggings, it is an absolute must-have in the autumn and winter seasons;
  • an elegant sweatshirt with a stand-up collar, which will make you feel comfortable when going out for dinner, staying at the university or in the workplace. Deprived of the hood, but equipped with two unusually discreet zippers for breastfeeding, which for the bystander are virtually invisible. A great outfit for nursing mothers and those who have completed their breastfeeding adventure - all thanks to the original cut of the collar and the color options of classic black and basic melange.

Breastfeeding t-shirts - design and comfort

The Mamatu online store also offers a wide range of breastfeeding t-shirts. They are very comfortable, made of the best quality fabrics, thanks to which the process of breastfeeding gains on the comfort of both mother and her baby! The t-shirts are designed for breastfeeding in public places. Thanks to special sewing, it is possible to latch a child without having to expose unnecessary parts of your body. No casual passer-by will see more than the situation requires - mom in this way avoids uncomfortable looks or malicious comments, becoming aware that from now on she can feed her baby anywhere and at any time! All thanks to the double fabric layer found in Mamatu t-shirts. Just lift the top part of the T-shirt to find an extremely flexible top underneath for easy access to the breast. Double stitching means that we do not have to bother with pulling the t-shirt up to the neck, thus showing unnecessary parts of the body. It's enough to slightly lift the outer layer and our baby can enjoy the meal! It should also be remembered that our t-shirts are not only the comfort of feeding and extraordinary comfort of wearing but also a unique design and a guarantee of a fresh, youthful look for each of the nursing moms!

Girls and stylish, or feeding dresses

Our offer also includes suggestions for mothers who, during breastfeeding, do not intend to give up on wearing graceful feminine dresses. In our online store, you will find a few extremely charming stylizations that match the most diverse styles. Sandals and a boho bag? Or maybe immortal black heels and a delicate handbag on a chain? Unless you prefer the sporty style dominating in urban fashion? Do not hesitate and combine different inspirations, for the base using one of our comfortable breastfeeding dresses! Thanks to two discreet zippers hidden on both sides of the bust, no one can guess the real purpose of the dress, therefore, Mamatu outfits can also be worn after the end of lactation. A comfortable melange-colored dress, a phenomenal garment in the shade of intense, raspberry pink or maybe a fancy version with a flamingo pattern? The choice is yours. 

Mamatu is not only warm and fashionable hoodies, breathable and nicely fitting your body shirts, feminine and elegant dresses but also an interesting assortment of feeding blouses for every occasion. Below we will be discussing the features of our products, inspirations for interesting stylizations and the reasons why Mamatu blouses should appear in your closet!

Bluzki do karmienia ułatwiają proces przystawiania dziecka do piersi!

Breastfeeding blouse - what distinguishes it from other clothes?

Breastfeeding shirts are an extraordinary revolution in the wardrobe of every young mother. Enough with pulling loose sweaters through the head, rushing to get rid of all the layers of clothing and exposing your body parts to the whole world. Enough with the strange looks of pedestrians and the necessity to cover yourself with a handkerchief or diaper during one of the most natural activities in the world's history. It's time for some comfort, convenience and proven solutions that hundreds of women have grown to love . 

The problem of choosing the right dress for an evening out with friends, a family dinner visit or more formal celebrations, such as a baptism or a communion, is known by many breastfeeding mothers. It tempts her to dress elegantly, but on the other hand she is scared of pulling up a fancy shirt and presenting fragments of breast to all the family members gathered at the table. Of course, the alternative is to go to another room, but who would not feel tired after a few times of going back and forth?

With blouses for breastfeeding the situation is completely different. Without hesitation, we can feed our baby at the table, on a park bench or in any other public place. It's time to put an end to hiding behind unsightly and tiny public toilets, earlier returns from walks or shameful looks while feeding your child in a shopping mall. All thanks to their extremely well-thought-out design of our blouses, which allows the baby to get to the breast without having to completely remove the clothes. One move and our toddler can enjoy a meal at a festive table or during a stay at a restaurant. Just like the rest of the family!

Comfortable cotton blouses - choose the comfort of everyday wear!

In our offer the breastfeeding blouses are ideal for everyday wear. They fit most of the stylizations, they go well with modern trends and make you look fashionable and stylish even if it's just a casual getaway. With great quality fabrics, universal sewing and discreet systems to ease access to the breasts, our blouses become inseparable attributes of every breastfeeding mother. Features that make it easier to latch your baby in Mamatu blouses are designed in such a way that no one can guess their true purpose. For this reason, it's a wardrobe that can be worn even after the end of your beautiful adventure with breastfeeding. Their great workmanship guarantees durability, which will accompany you through the next fashion seasons, recalling the wonderful period of extraordinary intimacy between a mother and her breastfed toddler.  

Below we present the ideal blouses for everyday use, along with fashion inspirations that can be used. Dare to go back to the old style or reach for completely new inspirations!

Navy breastfeeding blouse with a flamingo application

The sleek long sleeve blouse is perfect for cooler, autumn days and evenings. Breathable material and a timeless, straight cut make this piece extremely pleasant to wear. The majority of the sweatshirt (92%!) Is made of cotton knit originating from the Polish producer, and therefore it is a native product supporting the local market. The remaining 8% of the composition of the product is the elastane responsible for giving flexibility and making the shirt perfectly fit any type of silhouette, emphasizing the advantages and masking all imperfections of the post-pregnancy figure.

We also include a special thermo-active flamingo application for self-sticking. It is you who decide where and whether to place a colored item at all. When you choose the right place, you just need to push the flamingo down with an iron. It revitalizes the creation, giving it a somewhat lighter character and draws the attention of the baby. You can always leave the blouse smooth use the sticker for another purpose eg for sewing it on one of your child's clothes! If you decide to add it to your blouse, make sure that the ironing process is performed only inside out. This will prolong the life of the blouse and protect the flamingo from being peeled off.

The blouse on the outside is no different from other clothes of a similar cut. The whole clever mechanism to ease breastfeeding is hidden under the top layer of clothing. We will find there a second layer of fabric arranged in a kind of a loose top. Just pull the blouse up and move the top, revealing the bust. This allows us to discreetly feed the toddler without unnecessary undressing.

The blouse looks good with classic, smooth jeans, shorts with warmer leggings or tights as well as short skirts. It will go well with vivid accessories, such as an intensely yellow purse or colored bracelets. On the transparent, navy blue background you can also present interesting jewelry in the form of an eye-catching necklace. 

Cotton breastfeeding blouse with a flamingo

Mamatu dark blue blouse is also an investment in top quality and safety, for the garment is certified "OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Textile". This designation clearly points to the fact that the fabrics used to make the blouse have been thoroughly tested for any harmful substances. The certificate is issued by the independent research organization OEKO-TEX, which has modern laboratories around the world. The institute is engaged in precise research on all textiles. The "Standard 100" certificate is a guarantee that the product has been analyzed for more than 100 different criteria, taking into account the user's health. It ensures that not only the fabric is safe, but the threads, linings, buttons and other equipment used are also safe. OEKO-TEX clothing is gentle on the skin, completely safe and completely excludes the possibility of allergies. Buying a certified product range means comfort and confidence that our hands hold the highest quality product tested specifically for our health. We also have a guarantee that the fabric will not irritate delicate skin of our baby who will have constant contact with the blouse during the feeding process.

Blue blouse with a flamingo thermal application - sizes:

Size S
Inner length: 68 cm
External Length: 61 cm
Width under the armholes of the inner part: 41 cm
Width under the armholes of the outer part: 43 cm
Sleeve length: 49 cm

Size M
Inner length: 68 cm
External Length: 61 cm
Width under the armholes of the inner part: 42 cm
Width under the armholes of the outer part: 44 cm
Sleeve length: 49 cm

Size L
Inner length: 69 cm
External Length: 60 cm
Width under the armholes of the inner part: 44 cm
Width under the armholes of the outer part: 46 cm
Sleeve length: 50 cm

XL size
Inner length: 70 cm
External length Length: 63 cm
Width under the armholes of the inner part: 46 cm
Width under the armholes of the outer part: 50 cm
Sleeve length: 52,5 cm

Breastfeeding blouse Good food – Good mood

In the Mamatu assortment, you can find both classics, basic clothing without unnecessary accessories, elegant breastfeeding blouses, as well as clothes created with a sense of humor. The third group certainly includes a cotton breastfeeding blouse with a cheerful Good Food- Good Mood slogan. The motto for an outsider can suggest that the mood of the t-shirt's owner depends on the quality of meals she consumes. Although in most cases, this is true, it is not the mom's appetite that counts here! I am talking about food for a breastfed baby, who certainly gains a good mood just after being fed.

Good Food - Good Mood blouses, besides the humorous aspect, also carries a very important message. I am talking about the nutritional needs of a toddler, for whom breast milk should be the only source of food at least until the sixth month of life. All because of the unique value of milk, which contains the best possible proportions important for the proper growth of baby micro- and macro elements. After crossing the sixth month, it is allowed to supplement the diet with other nutritional products, while the process of breastfeeding should still remain the main source of food. And so, when our child receives good food, it is difficult for a good mood not to be a direct consequence of it!

The white blouse with the imprint is perfect for styling with belted jeans or dark tube pants. Complementing the outfit can be colorful sneakers or comfortable tennis shoes. Thanks to long sleeves, this is a perfect creation for colder days. 94% cotton content guarantees pleasant softness of the fabric, the best quality of the product and extraordinary comfort of wearing, while 6% elastane ensures that the blouse fits perfectly to your figure, emphasizing its strengths and masking any imperfections.

Smart breastfeeding blouses, special dresses for special occasions

Choosing a dress in which breastfeeding every mom with a baby in her arms will feel good at family celebrations, formal dinners and other occasions with a smart dress code is a real challenge. Split breasts at the family table will certainly raise unnecessary attention of the diners, and going to another room every two hours in the long run can become a bit tiring. Not to mention the need to apologize to all who have to give way to us on our way... The ideal solution to the problem are the smart Mamatu breastfeeding blouses that incorporate a perfect for every occasion, blend of classic fashion and discreet features to ease breastfeeding.

Gray envelope blouse for breastfeeding

It is difficult to imagine that this extremely elegant blouse is intended for breastfeeding. At first glance it looks like a stylish piece of clothing perfect for any bigger celebrations like baptism, communion, relatives' birthday or business meetingsSweater knit, an envelope pattern and the classic shade of gray are the combination that has for years been the canon of formal fashion. 

The blouse is not only beautifully presented but extremely comfortable too. All thanks to the excellent quality of cotton, which content in the product reaches as much as 95%. The rest of the material is 5% polyester, which makes the creation more durable despite factors related to both wearing and maintenance of the product. All the fabrics used to sew the envelope blouse are of the highest quality and come strictly from Polish manufacturers. The blouse does not wear off or pill. It also maintains high durability after repeated washing. We know this because all materials used to make Mamatu clothing are carefully tested by us - all in order for our customers to receive the highest quality clothing and so that they could enjoy them for long seasons - even long after breastfeeding!

The blouse is extremely well suited for an after-pregnancy silhouette - it enhances the breasts and masks the belly, significantly slimming the silhouette and emphasizing its natural strengths. It goes perfectly with black elegant trousers and high heels. It also works as an addition to a long pencil skirt. To complement the effect of classic elegance it is good to decorate the neckline with silver jewelry and black elements and over the shoulder to put a thin strip of a small fancy bag.

Let's also not forget the clever functions that make breastfeeding easy! Just unfold one of the envelope part of the neckline and discreetly latch the baby to the breast. We bet that most participants of the ceremony will not even pay attention to the feeding process. Easy, quick and natural!

Elegant and smart breastfeeding blouse

Sizes of the envelope breastfeeding blouse:

Size S
Overall length: 60 cm
Width under the armholes: 47 cm
Sleeve length: 56 cm

Size M
Total length: 62 cm
Width under the armholes: 49 cm
Sleeve length: 58 cm

Size L
Overall length: 64 cm
Width under the armholes: 51 cm
Sleeve length: 60 cm

XL size
Total length: 66 cm
Width under the armholes: 52 cm
Sleeve length: 61 cm

Impressive and affordable blouses for all sizes: S, M, L and XL!

Mamatu also offers blouses that go beyond the typical and boring everyday clothes. We have original designs, interesting colors and patterns that will make our clothes useful long after the lactation is over! We sew them from fabrics that perfectly endure daily use and subsequent laundering. We guarantee extraordinary durability, no signs of wearing out and persistent, vibrant colors! Remember to always wash and iron our things inside out. It will certainly lengthen their vitality and leave your clothes in perfect shape.

If you are not afraid of bold style and vivid colors, you may be interested in the following product:

Mint breastfeeding blouse with a fashionable deer pattern

The mint breastfeeding blouse with long sleeves is a perfect offer for fans of interesting and modern design. On the blouse in a pleasant shade of light mint, we can spot a geometric deer, which refers to the extremely popular, contemporary tattoos. The blouse does not resemble other clothing dedicated to nursing moms – its entire secret lies in the additional, inner layer in the form of a flexible top, thanks to which latching a baby will be not only a comfortable but also extremely discreet experience!

Our offer of a breastfeeding blouse with a deer imprint is the answer to the demand of the clothing market for mom's clothes that respond to all their needs. Among other things, I am talking about such features as:

  • great quality - Mamatu breastfeeding clothes are made using fabrics that had to pass a series of tests before we were sure that they completely meet the high requirements imposed on our clothing. We rely only on certified raw fabrics that are created in accordance with the natural environment and we cooperate only with reliable producers, offering the highest quality of ordered fabrics and knitwear;
  • Guarantee of Polish origin - all fabrics used by us come from reliable Polish producers, thanks to which Mamatu clothes are a local product that attaches to the best of our country's resources. For sewing every piece of clothing, we employ knowledgeable Polish dressmakers who work only in local sewing facilities. They dedicate their efforts individually to each copy by creating our clothing by hand, thanks to which every blouse, dress or t-shirt for breastfeeding gains a unique character; 
  • the durability of the product - our products are also characterized by extraordinary durability. Mamatu clothing is an investment for the future because fabrics and knitwear do not pill and do not wipe. They also do not have the tendency to stretch, keeping their shape for long seasons. The secret of their strength lies in the best possible selection of raw fabrics and the maintenance rules, which we solemnly remind you of with every purchase. It is important that Mamatu clothes be washed and ironed only inside out in temperatures appropriate for them an indicated on the tag. Thanks to compliance with the above criteria, our clothes will enjoy the next fashion seasons, without losing the clarity of colors or uniqueness of the cut; 
  • modern design and unique look - breastfeeding blouses and other offers from the Mamatu store are also characterized by their original appearance. So if you are looking for clothes with a unique character, which will effectively refresh your wardrobe and give your stylizations a new, youthful character, you have found the perfect place. We know how to combine the passion for fresh trends, a touch of individualism and fabrics that look great on different types of figures. The result is blouses like the mint blouse with an illustration of a deer - a delicate, though noteworthy, fresh color, ultramodern design that brings to mind so-visited tattoo studios, softness, and airiness of cotton and admixture of elastane, which ensures that the blouse perfectly highlights the natural strengths of the figure; 
  • Functions facilitating breastfeeding - this is the most important feature of Mamatu line of products for breastfeeding. These are discreet, well-designed functions, thanks to which the clothing is perfectly suited as a complement to the wardrobe of every mother latching her baby. In the case of the mint blouse for breastfeeding, it is all thanks to the hidden layer of fabric, under the proper layer, a flexible blouse, which allows the toddler free access to the breast. No more exposing to the world those parts of our body that no outsider should see. Instead of exposed breasts and belly, we only remain with this beautiful act of intimacy between a mother and her toddler, which is, after all, one of the most natural, human activities!

Dimensions of the mint breastfeeding blouse:

Size S
Overall length inside: 68 cm,
Overall length outside (with the deer pattern): 61 cm,
Underarm width inside: 41 cm,
Underarm width of the outer part (with the deer pattern): 43 cm,
Sleeve length: 49 cm.

Size M
Overall length inside: 68 cm,
Overall length outside (with the deer pattern): 61 cm,
Underarm width inside: 42 cm,
Underarm width of the outer part (with the deer pattern): 44 cm,
Sleeve length: 49 cm.

Size L
Overall length inside: : 69 cm,
Overall length outside (with the deer pattern): 60 cm,
Underarm width inside: 44 cm,
Underarm width of the outer part (with the deer pattern): 46 cm,
Sleeve length: 50 cm.

Size XL
Overall length inside: 70 cm,
Overall length outside (with the deer pattern): 63 cm,
Underarm width inside: 46 cm,
Underarm width of the outer part (with the deer pattern): 50 cm,
Sleeve length: 52.5 cm.

Yellow breastfeeding blouse

The pattern and intensity of the yellow blouse was created from the needs of a Mamatu-mum, who needs comfortable breastfeeding clothes that let her keep her individual style.

Intense color immediately draws attention and visually enhances the stylization, giving young mommies electrifying looks. Long sleeves can be lowered or saucily rolled up, and the rest can go well with dark pants and sneakers - white, black, or maybe even red? Add a great sports bag, an ornamental cotton bag or a fashionable drawstring shoulder bag and your afternoon stroll outfit is ready!
This piece of clothing is great for cooler days, autumn and winter evenings, being a true must-have for this season!

Passers by would have no idea that this lively blouse has been designed for breastfeeding purposes. The secret lies in the secret backup layer resembling a comfortable top. Simply lift up the top layer of the blouse and put the baby through a specially designed recess in a flexible top. No chaos of hastily pulled up clothes, no accidental "glowing belly" or the situation where an accidental passerby accuses us of inappropriate behavior in a public place. Fast, convenient, comfortable!

Yellow breastfeeding dress

Our blouse is skin friendly - for you as well as for the baby. All you need is 92% cotton and 8% elastane, which makes the product flexible and esthetically suited to the silhouette.

Sizes of the yellow blouse :

Size S
Overall length of the inner part: 68 cm
Total length of the outer part: 61 cm
Width under the armholes of the inner part: 41 cm
Width under the armholes of the outer part: 43 cm
Sleeve length: 49 cm

Size M
Overall length of the inner part: 68 cm
Total length of the outer part: 61 cm
Width under the armholes of the inner part: 42 cm
Width under the armholes of the outer part: 44 cm
Sleeve length: 49 cm

Size L
Total length of the inner part: 69 cm
Overall length of the outer part: 60 cm
Width under the armholes of the inner part: 44 cm
Width under the armholes of the outer part: 46 cm
Sleeve length: 50 cm

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