Breastfeeding night gown RED

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Product description

Birthing gown made of delicate cotton knit fabric with Oeko-Tex100 certification.

Delicate and flowing like a dress.
Perfect from the first days of pregnancy (grows with the belly), great shirt for childbirth and hospital.
The high quality cotton will allow for long-term use and will serve you at several important stages:

- perfect maternity gown
- Perfect hospital gown
- perfect childbirth gown
- perfect postpartum gown

Its flowing cut will ensure a great look both during pregnancy and after childbirth.
Easy access to the breasts will allow for discreet and comfortable breastfeeding in the hospital as well as at home.
Easy and quick access to the breasts will allow you to feed your baby quickly and comfortably whenever you need to.

It's a wonderful breastfeeding gown that will serve as a childbirth shirt, nightshirt, and the red latch will make it your favorite nursing gown. And in the morning?
In the morning, you can freely move around the house in it because its flowing cut will give you the feeling that you are wearing a dress.
Comfort while breastfeeding and a cut that we haven't forgotten, because we all want to look great in every situation.