Breastfeeding hoodie LILAC zipper

60 $

70 $

  • Colour: grey with lilac zipper
  • Material composition: 92% cotton, 8% elastane 
  • Weight: 250 g/m2
  • ECO Friendly: OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certificate
  • Hand-made in Poland
  • Wash at 30 degrees; iron on the left side out

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Product description

LILA Breastfeeding sweatshirt with a zipper

Are you a full time mom? Do you have an active lifestyle and want to keep your freedom of movement? The sweatshirt from our breastfeeding collection is designed for you!

Lila breastfeeding sweatshirt with a zipper - fashionable colors, comfortable pattern

The light gray fabric of the sweatshirt with a zipper we combined with accents in a subtle lilac color. The whole is complemented by a practical hood, which inside is decorated with a fabric with a delicate pattern matching the lilac zippers. But the zippers in this sweatshirt are not just a trendy accent! This is our little secret - you can discreetly expose your breast when you want to feed your baby. Just slide one zipper to the right place and you're done! You do not have to undress yourself.


Lila breastfeeding sweatshirt - perfect for any season

The pleasant to the touch fabric  makes it easy for you to cover yourself with this sweatshirt during both summer and evening walks by the sea, as well as autumn trips to the country. Be fashionable regardless of the time of year!


What is so unique about the Lila breastfeeding sweatshirt with a zipper?

Trendy and practical pattern - at first glance it is hard to notice that it is a breastfeeding sweatshirt so you can wear it regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or have already stopped;

high quality - the fabric the sweatshirt is made of is characterized by high quality and durability, at the same time it is very pleasant to the touch (material composition 62% cotton, 30% polyester, 8% elastane);


Convenient feeding - Practical solutions in the form of obliquely sewn-in zippers allow you to comfortably and discreetly feed your baby.