Nursing hoodie ART Mona Lisa

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Nursing hoodie for fans of loose fit.

Do you love comfort and oversized style? This hoodie is made just for you.

Soft, very pleasant to the touch sweatshirt fabric with a two-way zipper.

It also fits maternity bellies.

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Product description

Breastfeeding Art: Manifesto and Stylish Nursing Apparel


Breastfeeding Art represents our dedication to celebrating the beauty and power of breastfeeding through a manifesto honouring maternal strength.


Our manifesto is a tribute to all mothers who proudly nurture their children through breastfeeding.


We recognise breastfeeding as a natural and profound form of art, reflecting maternal love and dedication.


Breastfeeding transcends barriers of time and culture, connecting mothers across generations and backgrounds.


We advocate for maternal empowerment through breastfeeding, emphasizing its importance in fostering unity and support among mothers.


We embrace the diversity of maternal experiences, acknowledging that the beauty of breastfeeding comes in many forms.


Every mother has the right to breastfeed wherever and whenever needed, as it is a natural and vital aspect of motherhood.


Join us in embracing breastfeeding as an art form and a symbol of maternal strength.


Discover Practical and Fashionable Nursing Apparel:


Explore our oversized hoodies with two-way zippers, offering both style and functionality for modern mothers.


Benefits of our Nursing Hoodies:


Fashionable oversized design adds a relaxed yet stylish look.

Two-way zipper allows easy access for breastfeeding, ensuring convenience and discretion.

Versatile enough for pregnancy and postpartum wear, adapting to changing body shapes.

Soft and comfortable materials provide ease during breastfeeding sessions.

Modern design aligns with current fashion trends, ensuring you feel confident and stylish.

Practical for everyday wear, whether at home or out with friends.

Easy to care for, simplifying your daily routine as a new mother.

Invest in our nursing hoodies to combine practicality with style, making breastfeeding a comfortable and fashionable experience.






Total length: 74 cm


Width under the arms: 73 cm


Inner sleeve: 47 cm


Join us in celebrating the art of breastfeeding and nurturing maternal bonds.