Breastfeeding hoodie ROSE

    • Colour: grey with light pink zipper, hoddie in roses 
    • Material composition: 94% cotton, 6% elastane 
    • Weight: 290 g/m2
    • ECO Friendly: OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certificate
    • Hand-made in Poland
    • Wash at 30 degrees; iron on the left side out

Product description

Rose breastfeeding sweatshirt with zippers

Pink is the essence of femininity, gray is a symbol of elegance. With a combination of these two colors we created the most fashionable compilation of recent years. Our Rose breastfeeding sweatshirt with zippers not only delights with its style, but also with practical solutions for breastfeeding mothers.


Urban chic at your fingertips - Get to know it thanks to Mamatu Rose sweatshirt with zippers

Urban chic is a balanced combination between full luxury and elegance. Mamatu breastfeeding sweatshirt fits perfectly into these categories - loose pattern is complemented by the use of fashionable inserts to promote a more soft character. Thanks to that, you will feel comfortable while wearing the sweatshirt, but you will also look fashionable in every situation - even on a daily stroll with your baby.


Rose breastfeeding sweatshirt - smart solutions for moms

When you first look at our Rose sweatshirt, you do not see a typical sweatshirt. You can wear it both before, during and after breastfeeding. And where did we hide our clever solutions for moms? The zippers at the neckline allow you to uncover your breasts in a discreet way, which greatly simplifies feeding and enhances the comfort of both the mother and the baby, which can eat well anywhere when it gets hungry.


Get to know the benefits of our Rose breastfeeding sweatshirt with zippers:

high quality - the fabric of the sweatshirt does not get mopped up, rubbing does not affect it either, so that the sweatshirt can be worn long after the end of breastfeeding;

Trendy and practical pattern - the sweatshirt has been designed so that each and every mom can feel fashionably and comfortably at the same time.

Practical solutions - zippers sewn at the neck are not only a decoration, it is also a solution that facilitates breastfeeding.

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