Breastfeeding hoodie GREY zipper

56 €

  • Colour: dark grey with grey zipper, hood with stars
  • Material composition: 94% cotton, 6% elastane 
  • Weight: 290 g/m2
  • ECO Friendly: OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 certificate
  • Hand-made in Poland
  • Wash at 30 degrees; iron on the left side out

Availability: Shipment within 24 hrs

Product description

Breastfeeding sweatshirt with grey zippers

Gray - it is this color that conquers hearts of all the fashionable moms. The dark melange combined with a light gray zipper gives the sporty sweatshirt an urban style. All this is complemented by a hood finished inside with a star-shaped motif.


Mamatu breastfeeding sweatshirt - wear it in many ways!

The dark gray sweatshirt with zippers has been designed for breastfeeding mothers who want to dress up practically and fashionably. With a minimalistic pattern and universal color palette, you can also wear the sweatshirt after breastfeeding.

What will Mamatu sweatshirt with zippers go well with? You can wear it with classic navy blue jeans and jersey sweatpants. Check trousers from our offer - to this sweatshirt we especially recommend women's gray monster sweatpants.


Gray sweatshirt with zippers - comfort in elegant edition

But it is not all! The zippers are not just a decoration. Thanks to them you can quickly unzip the sweatshirt. This makes it possible to discreetly and comfortably feed the baby, both at home and on a walk.  Just one quick movement - you do not have to take off the whole sweatshirt to feed your toddler.


Discover the key features of our fashionable gray sweatshirt!

timeless color palette - dark gray with light gray inserts in the form of a hood and zippers;

comfortable, practical and fashionable - the sweatshirt is perfect for breastfeeding, and thanks to its fashionable design it can also be worn after breastfeeding;

natural delicacy and a bit of elasticity - fabric composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane - perfect combination for active moms who want to keep their freedom of movement in any situation.


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